Welcome to NEWT, we encourage visitors to ask any safety questions they may have before or during their visit. As a visitor you will be provided appropriate personal protection equipment and reminded of safety and emergency protocols by individual faculty and students and staff while touring facilities. All NEWT team members are responsible for the safety of visitors.

Download our safety plan here. 

NEWT Safety Plan

Rice University – Environmental Health and Safety
Sr. Safety Specialist – Noel Nguyen (

Arizona State University – Dean’s Office of Infrastructure and Safety (
Asst. Dir in Charge of Fulton Safety Office – Rita Bottesch (
Laboratory Manager SSEBE – Stan Klonowski ( Laboratory Manager SEMTE – Fred Pena (

University of Texas at El Paso – Environmental Health and Safety
Safety Consultant – Gus Rojo (

Yale University – Environmental Health and Safety
Safety Advisor – Shumin Bian (

How to Work Safety with Nanomaterials – American Chemical Society (

Working Safety with Nanomaterials in the Lab – Duke University (

Safety Partner Resources

Safety Onboarding Presentation

NEWT’s safety onboarding presentation is in development. If you have any questions about safety do not hesitate to contact your local safety officer (listed below) or the NEWT main offices.

Safety Moment Library