NEWT Core Course

The NEWT Core Concepts Seminar (aka NEWT core course) introduces graduate students to the overall goals of NEWT and the basic scientific concepts behind the center’s main research thrusts.  It is also intended to develop a common language for NEWT students in different research areas, and to contribute to the development of a center culture. All NEWT graduate students must complete the core course, ideally during the first year of their program.  The one-semester course consists of a series of guided discussions on the topics listed below.  Readings and other materials are assigned in advance and discussed during class. The course is coordinated by Dr. Jorge Loyo from NEWT Education Program ( in collaboration with NEWT faculty members.
Session Date


1 Jan 22 Introduction to NEWT Overview of the problem: Global water issues
2 Jan 29 Why nano for water treatment?
3 Feb 5 Why NEWT? (IDP/MOU, SLC, testbeds)
4 Feb 12 Thrust 1: Multifunctional materials for priority contaminant removal
5 Feb 19 Thrust 2: Low-energy desalination
6 Feb 26 Thrust 3: Fouling and scaling control
7 Mar 4 Safety of nanomaterials
Mar 11 Spring break
Mar 18 Spring break
8 Mar 25 Sustainability (incl. TEA & LCA)
9 April 1 Systems thinking
10 April 8 Social aspects of new technology adoption
11 April 15 Ethics and misconduct in scientific writing and research
12 April 22 NABC and entrepreneurship
Recorded sessions of the course can be accessed at:

Questions?  Contact Jorge Loyo