NEWT Fellowship Award

NEWT Fellows are graduate students and postdocs who have contributed to the center above and beyond their research by organizing and participating in outreach activities, serving in the SPLC, and mentoring undergraduate or summer students, amongst other initiatives.  Their contributions are an enormous part of what has made NEWT a successful center.

To be considered, students have to have completed the requirements before the next year’s award.

    • Successful completion of the core course.
    • Signed a faculty/student MOU and IDP with their research advisor every year.
    • Research project central to NEWT’s mission and part of the Center’s research roadmap.  The core idea behind the research must be communicated using the NABC approach to value creation, to ensure that the research is problem-driven, and the student clearly understands the pertinent opportunities, barriers and competition.
    • NEWT service: Participation in outreach activities or serving as an SPLC member, and mentoring NEWT undergraduate students or summer interns.