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By becoming part of NEWT at ASU, Rice, UTEP or Yale, graduate students have the opportunity to significantly broaden their knowledge in the science behind nanotechnology-based water treatment and gain access to a wide number of benefits.

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NEWT also offers professional development activities such as workshops on topics such as effective mentoring and engineering leadership, preparation for academic, industrial, or public service careers, internships with industry partners, and entrepreneurship and innovation training experiences. 

Lauren Mazurowski places 1st at NSF Perfect Pitch Competition Lauren Mazurowski, Yale – Awarded 1st Place at NSF Perfect Pitch Competition, 2022

fee3d0_d4a6ece16c7a4064a226cd724c08aef6~mv2.jpg Mariana Marcos-Hernandez, UTEP – National Science Foundation Perfect Pitch Awardee 2019

Also at the core of NEWT are our students and postdocs, ERCs are expected to “produce graduates who will be U.S. innovators in a globally competitive economy” and the goals of an ERC education program should be “to deliver graduates prepared for industry and academia who are technically prepared; able to integrate knowledge across disciplines to advance technology; knowledgeable in industrial practice; experienced in advancing technology; adept at working in high functional teams; ethical; effective communicators; creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial; lifelong learners; and experienced in working in non-U.S. research cultures.” 

If you are a new student or postdoc at NEWT, sign up by clicking on the button below and contact the Student Leadership Council to learn more about the activities offered by the center.