NEWT Travel Grant Collab: Yale University X Arizona State University on Drinking Water

Holly Rudel travels from Yale University (working in Julie Zimmerman’s Green Chemistry & Engineering lab) to Arizona State University to work with NEWT researchers, Dr. Srishti Gupta (Christopher Muhich’s lab) and Emily Briese (Paul Westerhoff’s lab) over drinking water research.

Students are supported by the NEWT Students PostDocs Leadership Council Travel Grant to connect across NEWT campuses and build collaborations.

NEWT Culture of Inclusion Awards 2023

2023 Recipients of NEWT’s inaugural D&I Culture of Inclusion Awards. We appreciate all of the work our members are doing to ensure NEWT has a culture of inclusion and is making strides to recruit and retain members of underrepresented groups. Many thanks to all of you for your support of NEWT’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.