Invited to join a Zoom Meeting?

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Click on the download plug-in button below for the free download from any device.

Use the video teleconference app to conduct meetings on your computer, laptop, smartphone, or device.

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Read Getting Started on PC/MAC Instructions


First Time Set Up – 15 Minutes

Upon your first use, you should take about 15 minutes before the meeting to download, login, and check your video and audio settings, plus get familiar with the options. You can share/hide information to present on your screen or just take the call on the phone.

To Start

After you launch the app, you have two options:

  • Click on the Zoom invitation link from the host’s email and it should open to the launcher and then, a window of participants.
  • Or you can click Join A Meeting and add the meeting ID provided.

For more details on operating Zoom in English –



Before the meeting

  • Check for updates to the Zoom desktop application. From the application menu, select > Check for Updates…
  • Use a wired network connection instead of Wi-Fi to avoid screen freeze.
  • Audio and video
    • Make sure to choose the correct audio and video sources in your Zoom settings.
    • To avoid feedback, do not join the meeting using both the computer’s audio and dialing in.
    • If you are unable to connect to your speakers or mic during a meeting, please use the dial-in number to join your meeting. After your meeting, try again to test your mic/speaker settings. If still unable to join, please contact your local desktop support team.
  • Have the content and applications that you intend to share open and prepared ahead of time.
  • Close applications that have pop ups.
  • If joining a meeting from your conference room, use the conference room computer/touch panel to join the Zoom meeting, if that is an option.
  • Full list can be found on article “Run a smooth meeting with Zoom”