NSF Nanosystems ERC for Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment (NEWT)
Rice University
6100 Main St., MS 6398
Houston, TX 77005

Telephone: (713) 348-6398 (NEWT)
Email: info@newtcenter.org

Research Inquiries

Pedro J. Alvarez, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, NAE
NEWT Director
Rice University
(713) 348-5903

Paul Westerhoff, Ph.D., PE, BCEE
NEWT Deputy Director
Arizona State University
(480) 965-2885

Qilin Li, Ph.D.
NEWT Associate Director for Research
Rice University
(713) 348-2046

Education Program Inquiries

Carolyn Nichol, Ph.D.
NEWT Education Director
Rice University
(713) 348-2672

Jorge Loyo, Ph.D.
NEWT Assoc. Director of University Education
Rice University
(713) 348-8116

Industrial Affiliates Program Inquiries

Ernest M. Davis
NEWT Industry Liaison Officer & Innovation Director
(713) 348-6214

General Inquiries

Liz Scroggins
NEWT Program Assistant
(713) 348-6398

Matt Hotze, Ph.D.
NEWT Administrative Director
(713) 348-3866


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