NEWT Mentoring Program Kicks-Off January 2024

 We are so thankful for all the mentors that signed up to participate in the NEWT Mentoring Program! This year we have thirty-eight mentors from several different universities across three ERCs (NEWT, IoT4Ag, and CASFER), as well as mentors who are non-ERC affiliated. With thirty-eight mentors we will be mentoring nineteen mentees from the Houston and Phoenix area! 

Our mentors have a diverse set of backgrounds which meant we were able to pair mentors and mentees such that their backgrounds and interests aligned very well. We are super excited for the program to kick-off in mid-January!

Rice NEWT SPLC Outreach Team

  • Durnian Parulski-Seager
  • Youngkun Chung
  • Kiheon Hong
  • Juan Donoso

Rice University

  • Arnold Kazadi  – Computer Science
  • Damon Spencer – Computational and Applied Mathematics
  • Daniela del Rio – Applied Physics
  • Dasom Kim – Physics
  • Jaanita Mehrani – Applied Physics
  • Jessica Persaud – Chemical Engineering
  • John Roberts – Statistics
  • Maria Barra – Bioengineering
  • Mohd Faiz Hassim – Energy Geoscience
  • Neethu Pottackal – Material Science and Engineering
  • Nicholas Proietti – Astrophysics
  • Pranav Deshpande – Energy Economics
  • Raven Shane Johnson – Computational and Applied Mathematics
  • Raychel Bahnick – Environmental Engineering
  • Sara Denison (NEWT) – Environmental Engineering
  • Sarah Glass (NEWT) – Environmental Engineering
  • Sayak Guha Roy – Physics
  • Toni Panzera – Astrophysics
  • Yujia Zhang – Biomedical Engineering

Arizonia State University

  • Afsana Munni (NEWT) – Environmental Engineering
  • Emily Briese (NEWT) – Environmental Engineering
  • Mariana Hernandez Molina (NEWT) – Environmental Engineering
  • Marion Bellier (NEWT) – Environmental Engineering
  • Nora Shapiro (NEWT) – Environmental Engineering
  • Taylor Fisher (NEWT) – Environmental Engineering
  • Zunhui Lin (NEWT) – Environmental Engineering

University of Texas El Paso

  • Christian Fernando Sandoval Pauker (NEWT) – Chemistry
  • Patricia Aguirre (NEWT) – Civil Engineering
  • Tayia Oddonetto (NEWT) – Environmental Engineering

Yale University

  • Tayler Hedtke (NEWT) – Environmental Engineering

Case Western Reserve University

  • Deepa Bhuvanagiri (CASFER) – Computer Science
  • Olatunde Akanbi (CASFER) – Material Science and Engineering

New Mexico State University

  • Abdiel Lugo – Civil/ Environmental Engineering
  • Lakshani Abeykoon – Environmental Engineering

University of Florida 

  • Anna Hampton (IoT4Ag) – Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Vernon Crasto (IoT4Ag) – Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Pennsylvania

  • Derek Cheng (IoT4Ag) – Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

University of Texas Austin

  • Manasa Sripati (IoT4Ag) – Biomedical Engineering