NEWT Culture of Inclusion Awards 2023

NEWT’s Inclusion Oversight Board unanimously voted to provide Julianne Rolf of Yale University with this year’s recognition award. They received several outstanding letters on her behalf, and sincerely appreciate her efforts to help ensure that NEWT is diverse and committed to a culture of inclusivity.

NEWT's mission to increase water access globally requires the best minds working together in the most efficient way possible. In order to do that, we need a supportive, respectful, and inclusive culture where we all can thrive, regardless of who we are and what our background is. I am beyond grateful to NEWT for dedicating resources and time to DEI efforts, and I'm honored to have received one of this year's D&I Recognition Awards. It has been inspiring working with the NEWT DEI Team and fellow NEWT members organizing and facilitating DEI sessions, hosting the Environmental Justice Book Club, and studying NEWT's citation record for a citation justice project. NEWT is a great community, and it only continues to get better!